How to Write a Business Essay: Great Tips and Tricks for Students

How to Write a Business Essay: Great Tips and Tricks for Students

Are you an undergraduate at a business school? Then, be prepared to write numerous essays on business topics. Writing business essays requires an understanding of its distinctive features and peculiarities, which refer to its content and language. Whether you need to write an essay in Management, Finance, or other business-related spheres, check this detailed guide. It’ll be of great use to you when creating an academic project. So, let’s get started.

A business essay: What peculiarities does it have?

If you’ve written narrative and descriptive essays, you must know the basics of essay writing. But a business essay has its own individual features you need to take into account. Compared to a personal essay where you express your opinion, here you’re expected to base your essay on the qualified reference. The content must be insightful and free from water. You need to focus on the essay topic idea and provide evidence to each word you say.

Keep in mind that essays and dissertations on business-related topics should be written in a simple and understandable language. Compared to other types of essay, this one may sound more formal. Include business terms only after checking their meaning. Your paper should explain any business phenomena so that the reader has no questions on what it is and how it works. There are two types of business essay. You may be assigned to do a case study or to write an essay in the form of a discussion. In the first case, you need to analyze some real business situation. A discussion type means you need to include reviews of certain business aspects, argue on the given point, and provide the pros and cons of different business solutions and their influence on the company’s development.

What essential elements does a business essay consist of?

It doesn’t matter whether you need to write a case study or a business discussion essay, include the following elements:

  1. Introduction. Provide the background information for the reader to have a clear picture of what the essay will be about. Make sure you’ve mentioned the goal of your essay writing. If you’re writing a case study, tell about the situation the company is in briefly.
  2. Main Body. Conduct detailed research and provide a careful analysis of all the facts. Don’t copy the articles. Base your essay only on credible information resources after you process it.
  3. Conclusion. Write a short summary of the key ideas discussed in the main part. Make it clear what option you’d recommend choosing and why. The reader should understand why you’ve chosen exactly this problem solution and rejected that one. So, make sure that the previous part of your essay contained sufficient evidence of the benefits a certain solution has.
  4. References. Share the list of sources you’ve used when working on your essay. Take into account that APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard styles have their own referencing guides.

A step-by-step guide on how to write a business essay

If you want to get a positive grade for your essay, follow a step-by-step guide below:

  • Define an essay question you’re going to answer.
  • Search for the topic keywords.
  • Construct a detailed essay outline.
  • Focus on the key points.
  • Start with a hooking opening. (It may be a question, an interesting fact, a story related to your topic).
  • Write a solid thesis statement (1-2 sentences where you express the main topic idea).
  • Reveal the topic providing arguments that would support your statement.
  • Conclude with the final thoughts. Make sure your essay sounds logical. The final part shouldn’t contain any new pieces of information. You’ve provided all the arguments in the main body already. Here, you need to finish your essay with clear reasoning.
  • Check whether your essay contains any kind of errors. You need to pay attention to both grammar and stylistic mistakes. Also, ensure that your essay sounds powerful. For this, read it loud and ask someone to evaluate how strong your arguments are.

3 tips on how to pick the right business-related topic for your essay

The choice of an essay topic is the most challenging part of the essay writing. There are a lot of business-related topics you can choose from. What to be guided with when making the choice?

  • Tip 1. Give preference to the areas you’re familiar with. Choosing the topic you know much about, you’ll save time that is spent on the search of information. Moreover, being knowledgeable of a certain topic, you’ll be able to create an insightful essay paper.
  • Tip 2. Choose the topic you’re interested in. If you’ve enough time to conduct careful research, you may write about something you hear for the first time. But you need to be prepared to spend days searching for the information, comparing facts, hitting the books, and browsing Google. If you feel passionate about some business-related topic, don’t hesitate to examine it.
  • Tip 3. Avoid broad topics. A narrow topic will allow you to reveal it to the full extent, which is impossible when writing about broad topics. Focus on some specific situation and look for the information related to the topic. It’ll be more effective and easier than to cover lots of information resources.

A checklist to make sure your business essay is perfect

Have you put a comma and think your essay paper is ready for submission? Don’t hurry! Spend several minutes to create a checklist to make it easier to check your essay. You need it not to miss anything. There are several important questions you should give answers to evaluating the finished essay. Have a look at them below. Good news is that this list of questions is universal. This means you can use it when checking your essay paper, regardless of the subject field and the topic.

  1. Does your essay contain full information on the key question?
  2. Have you reflected all the ideas in a logical manner?
  3. Have you used only relevant references?
  4. Does your essay contain illustrative examples?
  5. Have you formatted the references in the right way?
  6. Are there any spelling, grammar, or stylistic mistakes?
  7. Have you provided strong arguments in the essay body?
  8. Have you written a memorable conclusion?
  9. Will the essay information be useful for my target audience?
  10. How can the reader use the information to his or her benefit?

After you answer all the questions listed above, you’ll have a clear picture of the advantages and drawbacks of your piece of writing. This will help you to understand which paragraphs require improvements.

15+ interesting essay topics to choose from

Get inspired by looking through the list of interesting topics ideas for your essay paper.

  1. What is a part of marketing communications?
  2. What are the main functions of advertising?
  3. What are the basic principles of advertising and what impact does it have on business?
  4. What are the methods and means of PR used in marketing communications?
  5. What is personal selling?
  6. Are there any effective ways to start up a business online without large investments?
  7. What methods of evaluating advertising effectiveness do you know?
  8. The most effective product promotion strategies.
  9. What are the most profitable entrepreneurship ideas in 2019?
  10. How can ltd survive in the period of crisis?
  11. Non-standard business solutions.
  12. How can sanctions influence the development of the business?
  13. Interesting facts about Apple company.
  14. How to achieve success in entrepreneurship? (Include examples of famous companies).
  15. The greatest ideas that have changed the world.
  16. What qualities should a good entrepreneur have?
  17. Is the diploma of a Vancouver business school or some courses a must-have for a successful businessperson?
  18. The most creative ideas for a startup with a large investment.
  19. Tips and tricks from Sam Walton.

Choosing any topic above, you should remember that only the well-researched and structured essay paper will be evaluated high. If you want to impress your tutor with the knowledge of the financial sphere and the leaders of the business world, follow the tips on how to organize your ideas.

Final thoughts

Writing an essay on a business-related topic isn’t a piece of cake. Don’t postpone your assignment to write an essay for the last day before the submission. Do you need to hand it the essay on the 2d of June? Then, you’d better get started at the end of May. Be ready to hit the books for hours or even days to create a valuable essay paper. If you lack time for doing this kind of work, term paper, dissertation, or any other academic assignment, don’t take risks. The best solution would be to order professional writing service help. It’s much more effective than framing words with the help of an automatic generator of ideas some students use.

Contact experts with the degrees in Finance, Management, and other fields. They’re able to assist in writing a high-quality work following all the guidelines. Have you written the essay but have doubts concerning its quality? Just ask specialists to edit it and learn from experts how to polish such kind of academic assignments so that they worth an A-grade.